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 Files uploaded by Mike R.

File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
lunapaint.i386-aros.zipgra/edi0.6.0756kb15 Feb 2339¤ - Updated Lunapaint with better datatypes support
new_drawer_icons.zipgra/ico1.043kb27 Feb 2173¤ PNG - New Colored PNG Drawer Icons
iff_icon_data_decoder.zipgra/ico1.00175kb30 Nov 23105¤ IFFIconDataDecoder - Iff Icon Data Decoder snippets and PDF
icondropx_12-29-23.i386-aros.zipgra/ico1.0268kb03 Jan 2468¤ IconDrop_x86_12-29-2 - Icon Maker to make PNG Icons from PNG Images
black_white_drawers.zipgra/ico1.0083kb23 Dec 2389¤ Black_White Icons - Set of Black & White Icons with New Glow Borders
new_colored_disks.zipgra/ico1.00306kb04 Jan 2472¤ New Colored Disks - Set of Colored Removable Disk Icons
new_flash_disk_icons.zipgra/ico1.0039kb04 Jan 2465¤ New Flash Disk Icons - Set of Colored Flash Disk Icons
new_floppy_icons.zipgra/ico1.00143kb04 Jan 2468¤ New Floppy Icons - Set of Colored Floppy Disk Icons
new_ram_disk_icons.zipgra/ico1.00204kb04 Jan 2470¤ New Ram Disk Icons - Set of Colored PNG Ram Disk Icons
watercolor_cubic_themes_08-02-23.zipgra/the1.00460kb03 Aug 2379¤ WatercolorCubic_i386 - Watercolor Cubic Window Themes
arosone_themes_08-07-23.zipgra/the1.00310kb08 Aug 2383¤ ArosOne_Themes_i386 - Aros One Colored Window Themes
iconclone.x86-aros.ziputi/wor1.0.834kb20 Aug 2257¤ IconClone_x86_aros - Drag-n-Drop Icons or use FileReq for Icon Exchange
iconclone.x86-64-v11-aros.ziputi/wor1.0838kb20 Aug 2239¤ IconClone_x64_aros - Drag-n-Drop Icons or use FileReq for Icon Exchange
iconclone.m68k-aros.ziputi/wor1.0835kb20 Aug 2246¤ IconClone 68k_aros - Drag-n-Drop Icons or use FileReq for Icon Exchange
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