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Description: Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 60kb
Version: 1.1
Date: 02 Feb 09
Author: Xeron/IRIS (, compiled with gcc 4.2.2 on AROS native by Jost Menke
Submitter: Jost Menke
Category: audio/edit
Replaces: audio/edit/hvl2wav-i386-aros.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 538
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Downloads: 63  (Current version)
64  (Accumulated)
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By Xeron/IRIS


hvl2wav converts hivelytracker modules to standard wave files to enable you
to listen to them wherever there is no hivelytracker replayer (and also
so you can edit or reencode them to something else).

The simplest way to use it is just:

hvl2wav filename.hvl

which will output "filename.wav" as a 44100hz stereo wav file.

You can also specify the following options:

   This will output to 'filename' instead of just putting ".wav" at the
   end of the input filename.

   Timeout after m minutes and ss seconds. If you don't specify the -t
   option, hvl2wav will stop either when the song ends, or at 10:00,
   whichever comes first. Specifying "-t" disables the song end detection
   and sets the length of the output file. This is especially handy for
   AHX or HVL songs that loop; you can specify a time that will let them
   loop 2 or 3 times and then fade it out in a sample editor.
   Sets the frequency to n Hz. By default it generates a 44100Hz file.
   With -f you can set it anywhere between 8000 and 48000hz.


   Use subsong n. By default it just uses the main song (0). Not all
   hivelytracker or ahx files have subsongs.

   Calculates optimal gain before converting. This makes the output file as
   loud as possible without clipping, but it does it at the mixing stage,
   so its a lot better quality than if you loaded the output wav file and
   maximised it. A lot of HVL songs will already have the optimal gain value
   in the module (the composer can manually set it, or perform this same
   calculation before saving a hivelytracker module), but AHX songs don't
   have any concept of gain since they rely on paula to do the mixing, and
   so this is probably more useful when converting ahx files than hvl (although
   it does no harm to specify it always if you wish).


   This specifies the stereo seperation for AHX files (it has no effect on
   HVL files since they override it with their own panning). n can be set
   to one of 5 values:
       0 = 0%   (Mono)
       1 = 25%
       2 = 50%
       3 = 75%
       4 = 100% (Paula)

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