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The Fulcrum

Description: Demo from Matrix
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 9Mb
Version: 1.0
Date: 19 Apr 24
Author: Matrix Demogroup
Submitter: Farox
Category: demo/scene
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2854
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 |                           |
 |                           |
 |  T h e   F u l c r u m .  |
 |                           |

                        a demonstration made in 1998ad.
                        you saw 10 months of hard work in 10 minutes.
                        we are happy about finishing it finally because we
                        intended to release this at The Party 7.
                        hope you like the result because we made this demo
                        for you. matrix, totally tired.

   in order of appearence

        Jochen "digisnap" Wilhelmy........ MESE (vectorengine intro & outro),
                                           melting-ore-effect, 3DS-converter
                                           and 3DS-export-plug-in.

        Oliver "sharon" Belaifa........... MOOVE2 (true color vectorengine
                                           mainpart), smoke-particles
                                           and 2D-linkeffects

        Marco "skyphos" Thrush............ "Looping Dreams", "Bunga", Sound-FX,
                                           loading and decrunching system and
                                           additional scene-adjustions.

        Martin "aurelius" Elsaesser....... modelling, animation, story,
                                           screenplay and camera.

        Rainer "nero" Muehr............... "MonteVideo", "BlackHoleSun",
                                           additional graphics, textures,
                                           story and screenplay.

        Carlos "made" Pardo............... "Karvel".

Link at Pouet:

Original Sources are here

This is the release for Aros x86 of this Demo by Matrix Demogroup released in
april 1998 at Mekka & Symposium.
Is based on the impressive work done by M-HT that converted all ASM sources to
C++/SDL and released for Linux and OpenPandora Handheld some years ago...His
sources are here

Aros port use DUMB library (version 0.93) for music and sound fx, M-HT have
implemented possibility to use both BASS or DUMB in the demo, but BASS library
is closed source and not available for not possible to use. 
I compiled DUMB library from GCW-Zero source release (also from M-HT Github).

Sources of the demo are included in the package.

Tested on AROS One with and without 3D support and is working fine, i have
included 2 version of the demo one that use an 800x600 resolution, and another
one that run in 1024x768. 


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