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Description: i386 AROS Cross GCC For Cygwin
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 39Mb
Version: 3.3.1
Date: 20 Nov 05
Author: Jack Patton
Submitter: Jack Patton
Email: jpatton/aros org
Requirements: Cygwin Development Install on MS Windows
Category: development/cross
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 19
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Snapshots: 0
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Downloads: 241  (Current version)
241  (Accumulated)
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i386-AROS CrossGCC 3.3.1 + AROS SDK for Cygwin
This archive should contain what you need to add to a standard
Cygwin development environment to create AROS executeables.

8/10/05 - Compiled and Packaged by Jack Patton <jpatton()>
	  Using diffs and instructions provided by Fabio Alemagna 

This package contains:
GCC 3.3.1 which is goverened by the GNU General Public License
GNU Binutils which is goverened by the GNU General Public License
AROS SDK which is goverened by the APL (AROS Public License) (APL_License.txt)

Additionaly, the following acknowledgements:

This product includes software developed by the University of California,
Berkeley and its contributors.

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

This software is based in part on the work of the FreeType Team.

This software is based in part on the work of Catharon Productions, Inc.

The sources for binutils are here:

The sources for gcc are here:

The patches for AROS are here: in the file area.

For more information regarding the Amiga(tm) Research Operating System (AROS):

Have fun!

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
i386-aros-binutils-2.19-1-mingw32-bin.zip2.19-121Mb13 Jan 11131¤ I386-aros-binutils-2 - i386 AROS binutils for MinGW32
i386-aros-binutils-2.20.1-macosx-x86_64-bin.tar.bz22.20.17Mb09 Nov 1094¤ I386-aros-binutils-2.20.1-macosx-x86_64-bin - i386 AROS binutils for MacOS X/x86-64
i386-aros-binutils-2.21.1-mingw64-bin.zip2.21.148Mb24 Nov 1186¤ I386-aros-binutils-2.21 - i386 AROS binutils for MinGW64/x86-64
i386-aros-gcc-4.2.2-1-mingw32-bin.zip4.2.2-139Mb13 Jan 11120¤ I386-aros-gcc-4.2 - i386 AROS cross-gcc for MinGW32
i386-aros-gcc-4.5.2-1-macosx-x86_64-bin.tar.bz24.5.2-115Mb01 Apr 1174¤ I386-aros-gcc-4.5.2-1-macosx-x86_64-bin - i386 AROS gcc for MacOS X/x86-64
i386-aros-gcc-4.5.2-migw32-bin.zip4.5.256Mb28 Jul 11119¤ I386-aros-gcc-4.5 - i386 AROS cross-gcc for MinGW32
i386-aros-gcc-4.5.2-mingw64-bin.zip4.5.251Mb24 Nov 1184¤ I386-aros-gcc-4.5 - i386 AROS cross-gcc for MinGW64/x86-64
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