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GLFW 3.4

Description: GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 635kb
Version: 3.4
Date: 06 Mar 24
Submitter: serk118
Email: serk118/gmail com
Requirements: i386-aros
Category: development/library
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2829
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Downloads: 66  (Current version)
66  (Accumulated)
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GLFW 3.4 AROS[x86]
I have ported GLFW 2.6 , GLFW 2.7 and than i had to port glfw 3.4 to compile

Glfw 2.6/2.7 has joystick support but only 2 buttons, todays games needs more
than 2 buttons and mostly usb joypads,
I have added basic joypad support atm for glfw 3.4 but i will rework on this and
add usbjoypad support soon..

Installing on aros
Copy lib/ to your development lib/ folder..
Include to your development include/

Tests/ folder
gcc -o gamma gamma.c -lglfw3 -lgl -lpthread -ldll -I../deps   //to compile
gamma.c yourself

gcc -o boing boing.c -lglfw3 -lgl -lpthread -ldll -I../deps //to compile amiga
boing demo
gcc -o gears gears.c -lglfw3 -lgl -lpthread -ldll -I../deps //to compile gears
gcc -o splitview splitview.c -lglfw3 -lgl -lpthread -ldll -I../deps //to compile
splitview example
gcc -o wave wave.c -lglfw3 -lgl -lpthread -ldll -I../deps // to compile wave

You can use keyboard for events...

Due to filesize i compiled and archived few examples but you can download the
sourcecode at,
and compile other examples..

Joypad/joystick disabled for better support..

Some of the examples may crash due to shaders or missing functionality since our
opengl is 1.4 and if coded for opengl 3.xx.

Any problems than AROS port email me at  serk118() or get in touch at

enjoy coding..

what is GLFW..
GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan
application development.  It provides a simple, platform-independent API for
creating windows, contexts and surfaces, reading input, handling events, etc.

GLFW natively supports Windows, macOS and Linux and other Unix-like systems.  On
Linux both Wayland and X11 are supported.

GLFW is licensed under the [zlib/libpng

You can [download]( the latest stable release
as source or Windows binaries.  Each release starting with 3.0 also has
a corresponding [annotated tag]( with
source and binary archives.

The [documentation]( is available online and
included in all source and binary archives.  See the [release
notes]( for new features, caveats and
deprecations in the latest release.  For more details see the [version

The `master` branch is the stable integration branch and _should_ always compile
and run on all supported platforms, although details of newly added features may
change until they have been included in a release.  New features and many bug
fixes live in [other branches]( until
they are stable enough to merge.

If you are new to GLFW, you may find the
[tutorial]( for GLFW 3 useful.  If
you have used GLFW 2 in the past, there is a [transition
guide]( for moving to the GLFW
3 API.

GLFW exists because of the contributions of [many people](
around the world, whether by reporting bugs, providing community support, adding
features, reviewing or testing code, debugging, proofreading docs, suggesting
features or fixing bugs.

## Compiling GLFW

GLFW is written primarily in C99, with parts of macOS support being written in
Objective-C.  GLFW itself requires only the headers and libraries for your OS
and window system.  It does not need any additional headers for context creation
APIs (WGL, GLX, EGL, NSGL, OSMesa) or rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan)
to enable support for them.

GLFW supports compilation on Windows with Visual C++ 2013 and later, MinGW and
MinGW-w64, on macOS with Clang and on Linux and other Unix-like systems with GCC
and Clang.  It will likely compile in other environments as well, but this is
not regularly tested.

There are [pre-compiled binaries]( available
for all supported compilers on Windows and macOS.

See the [compilation guide]( for
more information about how to compile GLFW yourself.

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