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 Readme for:  Development » Webtool » hsc-0.935a.src.tar.bz2


Description: The HSC HTML preprocessor (source)
Download: hsc-0.935a.src.tar.bz2       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 331kb
Version: 0.935
Date: 07 Sep 05
Author: Matthias Bethke / Thomas Aglassinger
Submitter: Matthias Bethke
Email: matthias bethke/gmx net
Requirements: AROS SDK
Category: development/webtool
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 8
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 179  (Current version)
179  (Accumulated)
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  hsc - HTML Sucks Completely




  Thomas Aglassinger <agi()>
  Matthias Bethke <Matthias.Bethke()> (since V0.918)


  Hsc is a developer tool for HTML projects.

  It can be used on any HTML file and creates a new HTML file as
  output. In the input file, you may use an extended syntax based on
  HTML, which allows for things like macros, conditionals, variables,
  expressions etc.

  It is mainly intended for creating and maintaining larger HTML projects.
  As a commandline tool, it can be used together with `make', and a
  dependency generator is included.

  Hsc is not a tool to make HTML easier for beginners; it's a tool
  to make HTML a bit less painful and brain-damaged for people who
  already know how to work with it.


  - macros (implemented as additional tags)
  - conditionals (if/else/elseif)
  - expressions, supporting
    - string concatenation and comparison
    - integer maths
    - import of environment variables
    - current time
    - size of files
  - special tags to
    - include files (also verbatim text)
    - export data to files
    - execute shell commands (and include output)
    - write comments in a reasonable way
  - for local links, checks if file/ID exists
  - project relative URIs
  - replaces special characters by entities
  - evaluates attributes for image size (PNG/JFIF/GIF)
  - can strip useless white space, comments and tags
  - replaces icon entities by images
  - performs a basic syntax and structure check
  - error messages are easier to understand than the esoteric crap
    tools like sglms vomit
  - maintains a project file
  - includes hscpitt, a tool to examine/manipulate project files
  - includes hscdepp, a dependancy generator for makefiles

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
hsc-0.935a.i386.tar.bz20.935121kb07 Sep 05235¤ Hsc-0.935a.i386 - The HSC HTML preprocessor (AROS-i386 binaries)
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