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 Readme for:  Emulation » Computer » atari.1.60.i386-aros.lha


Description: Emulator of Atari 8 bit machines
Download: atari.1.60.i386-aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: 1.60
Date: 18 May 11
Author: Thomas Richter
Submitter: Miloslav Martinka
Requirements: aros-i386
Category: emulation/computer
Replaces: emulation/computer/atari.i386-aros.tar.gz
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 962
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Downloads: 169  (Current version)
202  (Accumulated)
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   The Atari++ Emulator is a Unix based emulator of the Atari eight bit
computers, namely the Atari 400 and 800, the Atari 400XL, 800XL and 130XE, and
the Atari 5200 game console. The emulator is auto-configurable and will compile
on a variety of systems (Linux, Solaris, Irix). Its emulation features are

    * Cycle precise emulation; this includes correct emulation of horizontal
kernels and programs that modify chip registers within a horizontal line. In a
less technical language, software making use of advanced displaying techniques
will be emulated correctly.
    * Emulation of an advanced 1050 disk drive including single, double and
enhanced density. The emulator not only understands .atr and .xfd files, but
comes with a mini-boot loader that allows you to boot from binary load files
(.exe and .com).
    * Supports .gz compressed images, and .DCM disk images. No additional tools
required to load these disks.
    * Precise emulation of ANTIC and GTIA graphics, including undocumented
scrolling features, undocumented GTIA player/missile priorities and collision
detection, and some other less known GTIA features. Color artifacting is also
    * Precise emulaton of POKEY sound, including "Software Speech", high-pass
filters and POKEY hardware timer interrupts. An emulation of the console speaker
is also included.
    * Precise emulation of the POKEY SIO (serial transfer) protocol, including
the Atari "sound effects" on disk loading and some lesser known influences of
serial transfer on the sound subsystem.
    * Pokey stereo hack ("Gumby") included in the emulation.
    * Emulates graphics output either thru X11, or the SDL library, including a
screen snapshot feature, saving images as PGM, BMP or PNG.
    * Sound output is either emulated by the Open Sound System (OSS), the ALSA
system, the SDL library, or by recording the sound samples into a WAV file in CD
    * Cylce-precise 6502 emulation, including "extra-instructions" that are not
documented in the 6502-manual, and also including all known hardware-bugs of the
    * Cylce-precise emulation of Pokey timer and interrupts.
    * Printer emulation thru  standard LPR printer user interface.
    * Flicker-Fixer option for games that toggle palettes fast for more colors.
    * Emulation of color artifacts due to PAL color subsampling
    * Optional de-blocking filter for magnified output
    * Built-in Os emulation
    * Joystick, paddle and lightpen emulation by keyboard or mouse, or by
standard analogue PC joysticks. A special home-made interface allows the
connection of Atari digital joysticks by an additional joystick driver. Hence,
you'll be able to play all your old games even with your digital joysticks.
    * Includes emulation of the Pokey POT reading mechanism.
    * Saves and loads machine states to save games in the middle of the game
play, and allows to resume from that point later on.
    * Includes emulation of a variety of cartridge types, including 5200 games
cartridges and Oss supercarts.
    * Effective emulation of 800XL/XE and cartridge bank-switching mechanisms.
    * Emulation of the Atari 850 Interface box by the serial port of the host
computer, including a full 850 driver "in ROM".
    * Interfaces to "Hias'" AtariSIO driver, allowing you to connect real Atari
hardware to the PC.
    * Includes a Dos 2.xx compatible interface to the filing system of the
    * Easy to use graphical user front-end for simple setup and configuration,
includes saving and loading of (human-readable) configuration files. The user
front-end also allows to setup details like the player/missile collision setup
to build "game-trainers" on demand.
    * Includes a built-in monitor allowing experts to debug Atari software
    * And the best: It is free.

          Compiling for AROS, Miloslav Martinka.

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