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 Readme for:  Emulation » Computer » janus-uae.i386.tar.gz


Description: Janus-UAE
Download: janus-uae.i386.tar.gz       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 21Mb
Version: 1.2
Date: 04 Jun 12
Author: Oliver Brunner (and many others)
Submitter: Oliver Brunner
Category: emulation/computer
Replaces: emulation/computer/janus-uae.i386.tar.gz
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1143
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Downloads: 339  (Current version)
780  (Accumulated)
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Please read the Readme and the FAQ in the docs folder, too.

Janus-UAE is a fork of E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4, so the same license(s)
apply to it. 

With reaching the version v1.0 the UAE basic integration bounty
( has been completed. 

The goals of the bounty were:

UAE integration (basic/initial)


1. Must be able to run some classical software which
   must include: WordWorth 6, Organizer 2, Datastore 2
   and Money Matters 4.*
2. Must provide support for window and screen based apps
   so they appear to be running on the host system -
   including access to public screens.
3. Doubling-clicking a 68k application in Wanderer will
   cause that application to be run in the emulation.
4. Each instance of emulation will be a commodity that can
   be shut down via Exchange.
5. Port over a Zune based UAE prefs application.
6. UAE to use AROS clipboard.
7. separate directory (for 68K files) dictated by the
   chosen config.


J-UAE 1.2 (15.05.2012)
There were some bug reports for v1.1, so this release
tries to fix some of them:

- J-UAE gui did not work well with updated Zune (commit
  r44336). For example, all memory selections were
  activated at the same time.
- Slider gadgets in the gui are now working (save/load).
- Opening the Amiga display on an own custom screen now
  does not open screen behind all other screens anymore.
- When started from CLI, CLI is not closed anymore
  after exit.

J-UAE is now built with i386-aros-gcc 4.2.4.

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
janus-uae-src.tar.gz1.21Mb04 Jun 12169¤ Janus-uae-src - Janus-UAE Sources
janus-uae-v2.i386-aros.lha3.2.019Mb21 Sep 2285¤ Janus-UAE-V2 - Amiga 68k Emulator Fork of WinUAE 3.2.0
janus-uae.i386-aros.tar.gz1.44Mb02 Jan 17235¤ janus-uae - v 1.4 e-uae port for aros x86
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