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 Readme for:  Game » Misc » lbreakout2-2.6.3.i386-aros.tar.gz


Description: LBreakout2 - Breakout clone in SDL *with sound*
Download: lbreakout2-2.6.3.i386-aros.tar.gz       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Version: 2.6.3
Date: 31 May 11
Author: Michael Speck
Submitter: LuKeJerry
Requirements: Tested on May 27 2011 AROS - Working fine with sound (No network two player mode)
Category: game/misc
Replaces: game/misc/publbreakout2-
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 974
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 185  (Current version)
238  (Accumulated)
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LBreakout2 *NEW* AROS port from 2.6.3 sources available at:

This new AROS port has sound enabled (really nice stereo effects)
but network two player mode is disabled.

Sources 2.6.3 have been compiled with newer SDL Lib 1.2.14

# From the author's description:

LBreakout2 is a breakout-style arcade game in the manner of Arkanoid. 

Use your paddle to aim a ball at bricks until all bricks are destroyed. Lots of
power-ups will help you with that task: extra balls, energy balls, extra lifes,
weapons, glue, bonus floors, paddle expansion and extra score. Your best results
are saved in a highscore chart.

More than 50 levels with loads of new bonuses (goldshower, joker, explosive
balls, bonus magnet ...), maluses (chaos, darkness, weak balls, malus magnet
...) and special bricks (growing bricks, explosive bricks, regenerative bricks

If you are hungry for more you can create your own levelsets with the integrated
level editor. There is also an experimental two player mode (via LAN) available.
I am pleased to say that this game won the No Starch Press SDL Game Contest.


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