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AftStalker, QuadBack

Description: Two simple 8-bit inspired clones.
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: a1.1,q0.1
Date: 24 Apr 16
Author: Pierre Sarrazin
Submitter: cavemann
Requirements: QuadrupleBack needs screen size > 900x675
Category: game/misc
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1521
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Videos: 0
Downloads: 79  (Current version)
79  (Accumulated)
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     afternoonstalker - A robot-killing game

     In  Afternoon  Stalker, you are in a two-dimensional maze where you are
     attacked by robots that shoot at you and that you must shoot down.  You
     must pick up a gun somewhere in the maze in order to have a few bullets
     to shoot.  Avoid the spiders and the bats, which can paralyze you  long
     enough  for  a robot to come and shoot you.  The bunker where you start
     is your only protection.

     Use the arrow keys to move and the Ctrl key to shoot in  the  direction
     you  last  walked.   You can also shoot in a fixed direction with the H
     (left), J (down), K (up) and L (right) keys (this is the  same  conven-
     tion  as  in  vi).   The  Escape key pauses the game and shows the main
     menu.  The P key also pauses the game the same way.


     --help display a help page and exit

            display version information and exit

            N milliseconds per animation frame.  Default is 55.  Minimum  is
            1.  Maximum is 1000.  50 means 20 frames per second.

            Attempt  to use the full screen mode.  The default is to display
            the game in an ordinary window.

            Selects maze M, where M is 0 for the  original  maze,  1  for  a
            slightly  different maze, and 2 for a minimal maze.  By default,
            maze 0 is used.  The maze can also be selected from  the  game's
            interactive menu under Options:Maze.

            Selects  rule set R, where R is 1 or 2.  Rule set #1 applies the
            original Afternoon Stalker rules.  Rule set #2 is slightly  dif-
            ferent.   The  game  starts  with 5 robots instead of 3, and the
            number of simultaneous robots increases more quickly.  There are
            only  gray  and blue robots, but they move slightly faster.  The
            number of bullets in a gun increases  as  the  game  progresses.
            Bonus lives do not come as often.


     Quadrupleback - A game where intruders must be circled.

     This game is based on Doubleback, a Tandy Color Computer game
     by Dale Lear.

     Copyright (C) 2012 Pierre Sarrazin <>
     This program is free software distributed under the GNU GPL
     (v2 or later).

      the file src/images/9x18B.fnt is taken from the SDL_gfx
      library, which is distributed under the zlib license.

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