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Rockbot I

Description: Megaman style SDL platform game.
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 13Mb
Version: 2.0.0b70
Date: 27 Aug 19
Author: Iuri Fiedoruk
Submitter: cavemann
Category: game/platform
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1957
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Videos: 0
Downloads: 69  (Current version)
69  (Accumulated)
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Rockbot by Iuri Fiedoruk
Music by Simone Bernacchia

A special message from Upperland Studios:
Thank you for experimenting the quick and fun
open-source Rockbot® game. This is a game
created by Upperland and GreenNeko made for
everyone to be able to contribute and enjoy in
their favorite system, including Windows, Linux,
Mac and Playstation 2.

Rockbot® features old-school colorful low
resolution artistic graphics. We are proud to
deliver this 1980's like experience to the 21st

This is year 20XX, the city is Kyoto in Japan,
and unlike Tokyo, the city does not have any
hero to protect it.

Calling Dr. Kanotus, please answer!

This is the Mayor, we need you to build a robot
to defend our city against enemies. Look on what
is happening in Tokyo, we need a robot hero to
protect the people!

As answer, Dr. Kanotus created one robot, called
Betabot, to fight; but is was an early and rushed
project, thus he kept constructing a second one
better and smarter and finished him right before
a horde of enemy robots started rampaging the

 Jump: X
 Attack: A
 Shield: Z
 Dash/Slide: C
 Start/Menu: Enter
 Quit: Esc

Betabot project was rushed, due to the city
mayor urgency, thus is was built with harder and
heavier materials, limiting his movements a bit.
Also, he is very straightforward, and when make
a decision, is unable to change his mind and the
incomplete vocabulary system makes him talk in
a very limited way. He have two cannon arms,
enabling him to shot twice at once, being easier
to hit a movable target.

Rockbot is smarter, faster and have a anti-gravity
jump system, allowing him longer and slower
jumps. He also have a special cannon arm, that
can be charged and shot a more intense energy
projectile, but due to this feature, he can't shoot
more than 3 regular, or one charged, until his
energy unit gets cooled. He also can slide to
avoid attacks or enter some areas in the game.

Your mission is to cross a series of mazes
dominated by out-of-control robots and evil
machinery. From everywhere they come, you
must dodge, shot, run, jump and climb to reach
the end of this madness.

At the end of each stage you will have to
confront a robot master and if you win, its
special weapon will be yours.

You start with three chances to win, and an
energy meter in the left of the screen to keep an
eye in your robot health. Each time you are hit
by a enemy or its shots, you loose a bit of
energy, when it reaches zero, you'll lose one
chance, and, when no more chances are left, it is
the end, the city is doomed without your help!
Luckily some enemies drop items, that can also
be found in some parts of the mazes, those items
help you. Energy tanks can be used anytime to
fully refill your energy, red remedy pills restore
some energy and the green ones restore some
energy on the special weapon you are equipped
with. The robot face gives you one extra chance,
up to nine you can store.

Do not give up, fight til the end! The destiny of
Kyoto depends on your skills with the joystick,
and you must prevail.

Press start during the game to open the weapons
menu. Press up, down, left and right to move
the selection cursor to a weapon or item,
pressing start again to activate it.

Arm Cannon: Pick this to shot regular weapon.

Life: Shows how many chances are left.

Item: Can pick energy or weapons tank.

Bolts: How many bolts you have. Those can be
used in the shop to buy extra and special items.

Master Items: Use the special abilities from
robot masters.

Coil Item: Go higher by jumping over this item.

Jet item: You can pass abysses by jumping over
this item that will fly you over it.

Energy Tank: Refill the whole life of the robot
you control.

Weapon Tank: Will refill all your weapons.
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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