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Description: based on the Amiga game Logical! by Rainbow Arts.
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 1.0-8
Date: 15 Oct 13
Author: Tom Warkentin, Neil Brown, Sloane Muscroft
Submitter: cavemann
Category: game/puzzle
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1344
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Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 225  (Current version)
225  (Accumulated)
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XLogical is a puzzle game based on the Logical! game that was originally
released by Rainbow Arts on the Commodore Amiga computer. We (the authors)
enjoyed this computer system so much that we thought it would be a fun project
to write our own version of the game (one of those "come on, it'll be fun ;)"
projects). Given that we both use the Linux OS on a regular basis, we decided to
write this addictive puzzle game for X-Windows.

XLogical is a mouse based game where you use the mouse to turn the spinners and
move the balls around. Right clicking on a spinner turns the spinner in a
counter clockwise direction. Left clicking on a ball pops the ball out of the
hopper on a spinner onto a track if there is one next to the spinner.

The goal of the game is to finish all the levels as quickly as possible by
turning off the glowing light in the middle of every spinner on each level. The
light on the spinners will stop glowing when you manage to fill the hoppers on
the spinners with the right colored marbles. At the beginning of the game, all
you have to do is sort the marbles by color into different spinners. For
example, if you fill a spinner with all red marbles, the marbles will disappear
from the spinner's hoppers and the light will stop glowing. When all the
spinners stop glowing, the level is complete and you will get a password to the
next level.

As the game progresses, new twists and turns are added to the levels. For
example, some levels contain teleporter tiles that will teleport the marbles
from the tile to the matching tile somewhere else on the level. These are the
types of tiles to watch for on the levels:

    * Teleporter tiles - marbles are teleported from this tile to the matching
tile on the level
    * Pattern tiles - the marble pattern must be matched before spinners can be
    * Order tiles - spinners must be completed in the specified order of color
(e.g. all blue first, then all red, then all green)
    * One-Way tiles - marbles can only pass one way along the track on these
    * Painter tiles - marbles will be painted a different color when they cross
this tile
    * Blocker tiles - marbles with the blocker color are allowed to pass
through. All other colored marbles will bounce back.
    * Tunnel tiles - the track the marbles follow is covered

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