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Description: Managing and launching WHDLoad Games
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: 1.1
Date: 08 May 19
Author: Yannick Erb
Submitter: salvatore
Email: abbate_salvatore/yahoo com
Category: game/utility
Replaces: game/utility/whd_menu.i386-aros.tar.bz2
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1837
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WHD MENU is a front end for WHDLoad game launching under AROS.
It creates and manages a database for all installed WHDLoad games on your

Once the database is created it allows to browse the games giving the
provided in the attached Readme file and displays a screenshoot of the game.

The games can then be launched directly from the interface.
WHD MENU launches e-uae (or j-uae) automatically with a minimal
Once the game is exited, e-uae is closed automatically and the user interface is

accessible again to launch a new game!

A working AROS installation. Better use the latest ICAROS distribution.

You'll need a working E-UAE installation with System: and Work: emulated hard
I'm using AmigaSYS for e-uae wich is working pretty well on my system.

Also you'll need a working WHDLoad installation inside the emulation.
=> Already provided with AmigaSys

In order to quit automatically E-UAE the UAEquit tool should be accessible
inside the emulation
=> this is ok with AmigaSYS also

Of course you'll need WHDLoad games installed.

The application is using processicon to gather the TOOLTYPES information.
This application is provided with Icaros distribution and can be downloaded

The executable shall be in Extras:Misc/aminet/C/

Extract the drawer and it's content to selected location (preferably

A first launch, you should provide some information to configure WHD_MENU, this
can be modified later using
the "CONFIGURATION" button:
1. The name and location of the database
2. The root path for the installed games (WHD_MENU will look for games in this
folder and all its sub-folders)
3. The way of handling screenshots :
   Using icon image : if icon image can be read using datatypes, the icon will
be displayed in WHD_MENU
   Using screenshots pictures : two images can be put in each game folder
(TitleScreen.png and InGameScreen.png), the interface will cycle between the 2
   A screenshot pack can be downloaded separately.
4. The name and location of the E_UAE executable, usually
5. The name and location of the E-UAE config file, best is to use the provided
one (WHD_MENU-uaerc.config in WHD_MENU folder)
   This config file can be modified in order to suit your needs.
6. The path to the E-UAE System: folder, usually "Extras:Amibridge/System)
7. The path to the E-UAE Work: folder, usually "Extras:Amibridge/Work)
8. The WHD_MENU-startup to be used, best is to use provided one
(WHD_MENU-startup in WHD_MENU folder)
   You can also modify the WHD_MENU-startup file to suit your needs)

Once this is done, click the "Generate" button.
The database will be generated based on your inputs.
This can take a while depending on how many games you have installed.

Also, it can happen that the application crashes for two main reasons:
1. The stack isn't big enough, increase it,
2. The application is using processicon to gather information in the .info files
   with some icons, the application crashes (e.g. 4DSportsDriving&MasterTracks
from KGWHD packs)
   Best is to delete or replace the .info file and to start the process again.

You're now finally ready to save the configuration and launch your favorite
The database can be regenerated at any time, if you've installed new games or
removed some.

Known issues / possible improvements:
If the game .info file is corrupted, processicon is crashing and the database
generation is blocked.
The only way I've found to go around is to delete or replace the faulty .info
Have fun!



 Corrected one bug (readme file was openned and never closed)
 Added database SAVE Button
 Added USE Button in configuration window
 Corrected CANCEL Button behaviour in configuration window
 Window size is reduced horizontally to improve display with 1024 pixels wide

 Better tunning of WHD_MENU-uaerc.config and WHD_MENU-startup files
 Bug fixes

V0.4 (not an official release)
 Automatic instalation at first launch and check of all needed components at
 Bug fixes

V0.3 (not an official release)
 DataBase is no longer erased completely when generating new one,
 Existing games and options attached to them are kept (iterative search are
 Some bug fixes

 Reviewed internal database management
 Screenshot display based on external files (InGameScreen.png and
TitleScreen.png) in game directory
 Management of attributes (Game Type, Year, Favorite)
 WHDLoad options can be edited and are stored in DataBase
 Filtering based on Favorite/Game Type
 Some bug fixes

 Initial release
 No screenshots management.
 Game image display is only working with icons that can be opened using

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