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Description: Toolbars for OWB/MPlayer + Classic Pointers + Font
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 741kb
Version: 1.1
Date: 21 Jul 10
Author: Kotler
Submitter: Kotler
Requirements: AROS
Category: graphics/theme
Replaces: graphics/theme
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 791
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Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 198  (Current version)
198  (Accumulated)
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Kotler's GUI Stuff for AROS


1.1 (2010-07-20)


Kotler's GUI Stuff for AROS is a collection of GUI-related stuff for AROS.
Toolbars, Bitmap fonts, Pointers, and instructions on how to make
your Shell have black or white background.

In detail:

- New Toolbars for a few popular AROS applications OWB*, MPlayer, AROSPDF and
 *) Includes a custom scrollbar.

- Bitmap Fonts suitable for use as 'Title Font' and 'Tiny Font' in the Zune
  as replacement for the Helvetica font.

- Classic pointers, such as AmigaOS 2.x, Mac, Windows, Bebox, for use with the
new Pointer Preferences
  (Three colour).

- Instructions on how to edit your Shell-Startup script to a get a Shell with
black background
   and white text.


To install these images, just replace the directory containing
the images with the corresponding application image directory.

OWB: "OWB/Resources" 
MPlayer: "MPlayer/images"
AROSPDF: "ArosPDF/Images"
ZuneArc: "ZuneArc/Icons"

Also, please make a backup of your old images directory before
trying these new.


Suitable replacements for the 'Title Font' and the 'Tiny Font'
in Zune. As Truetype fonts with anti-aliasing gets a bit too blurred,
this is a few alternative fonts for use as small fonts.

Copy them to FONTS:

(c) AIAB - AmigaInABox - Copyright JayBee


This is a small collection of Classic Pointers.

Use the Pointer Prefs program to use these.

Select the same pointer file for both Normal and Busy

Among the included pointers are:

- AmigaOS 2.04+
- Large AmigaOS 2.04+ 
- Windows 3.11
- Windows 95
- Mac


Include these lines at the top of your S:Shell-Startup to get
white text on black background in your Shell.

PLEASE NOTE! You need to use the command prompt
(prompt "*...) as cited below, there already is one is
in your Shell-startup, comment out it or remove it.

Black background / White text

------- START HERE ------------

echo "*e[>1m*e[32;41m*e[0;0H*e[J"
alias cls "echo *"*E[0;0H*E[J*""
prompt "*E[42m*E[31m%N.*E[43m*E[32m%s*E[42m*E[31m>*E[41m*E[32m "

------- END HERE ---------------


v1.1 2010-07-20

Major news:
- Included some Fonts
- Included some Pointers
- Included Shell-Startup instructions

- Aros PDF: Rotated images 90 degrees so that they face
to the left/right instead of up/down. The old images are
located in the 'Alternative Direction' directory.
- Aros PDF: Included two images for Zoom In and Zoom Out.
In case the GUI gets support for them. :-)

- OWB: Changed the close X icon to a smaller one.

- MPlayer: Changed the Fullscreen icon to a clearer one.
- MPlayer: Changed the 'Info' icon to a better one

v1.01 2010-07-07
- Cleaned up release, removing Thumbs.db from directories.
- Added screenshot

v1.0 2010-07-06
- Beta release


Toolbar icons Images are copyright Martin Merz,
Images are from the AISS image storage.

The images originate from the AISS icons package, for further information
please see Please note that Martin Merz, the copyright
holder, is not responsible for this collection. It's me, Kotler.


Put together by Kotler
E-mail: grandcoolmaster()

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