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 Readme for:  Graphics » Theme » roadto10_v2_night.rar


Description: Road to 10 v2 night wallpaper
Download: roadto10_v2_night.rar       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 866kb
Version: 2
Date: 21 May 07
Author: Paolo Besser
Submitter: Paolo Besser
Category: graphics/theme
License: APL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 220
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 241  (Current version)
241  (Accumulated)
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This release fixes some wrong layering issues in the
former version and updates the name of the operating
system under its logo.

Due to the fact that AROS now supports scaled
wallpapers in wanderer, only two formats are included
into the rar files: a 4:3 1600x1200 picture and a
16:10 2560x1200 one. You may scale them to a lower
resolution directly in wanderer, or by using your
favourite picture editor.

Please notice that all ROAD TO 1.0 wallpapers are
identical, except for colors. 

Improved ROAD TO 1.0 color themes include:

- Autumn
Plain grey wallpaper with a little blue here & there
- Spring
Green wallpaper
- Summer
Red and orange one
- Winter
Shiny blue with a bit of violet wallpaper

New ROAD TO 1.0 color themes for version 2:

- Glass
Almost white wallpaper
- Lemon
Yellow to cyan gradient
- Night
Black one
- Sea
A blue/green mix between spring and winter ones

All images under APL, if you want to get the original
PDF file with every layer, just contact Paolone on

Regards and enjoy!

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
roadto10_v2_autumn.rar24Mb21 May 07211¤ Roadto10_v2_autumn - Updated road to 10 autumn wallpaper
roadto10_v2_glass.rar2554kb21 May 07249¤ Roadto10_v2_glass - Road to 10 v2 glass wallpaper
roadto10_v2_lemon.rar23Mb21 May 07170¤ Roadto10_v2_lemon - Road to 10 v2 lemon wallpaper
roadto10_v2_sea.rar23Mb21 May 07183¤ Roadto10_v2_sea - Road to 10 v2 sea wallpaper
roadto10_v2_spring.rar24Mb21 May 07186¤ Roadto10_v2_spring - Updated road to 10 spring wallpaper
roadto10_v2_summer.rar21Mb21 May 07203¤ Roadto10_v2_summer - Updated road to 10 summer wallpaper
roadto10_v2_winter.rar24Mb21 May 07186¤ Roadto10_v2_winter - Updated road to 10 winter wallpaper
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