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 Readme for:  Utility » Text » Edit » frexxed.i386.lha


Description: Advanced text editor
Download: frexxed.i386.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 4Mb
Version: 2.2-alpha
Date: 15 Aug 10
Author: Daniel Stenberg and Kjell Ericson
Submitter: Vidar Hokstad
Email: vidar/hokstad com
Category: utility/text/edit
Replaces: utility/text/edit/frexxed.i386.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 805
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Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 188  (Current version)
193  (Accumulated)
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This is the first AROS version. This program contained quite a few bits and
pieces of M68k asm that has been replaced by C and so on. Chances are high that
this will be buggy, and will crash and eat your documents, set fire to your cat
and otherwise misbehave.  I'm releasing this early version in the hope of
getting feedback, not for general use.

NOTE: This release is statically linked with a slightly modified FPL, so you
won't need FPL for it to run. However you will need fpl.i386.lha if you wish
to attempt recompiling it.


  Copy bin/Fred to C: and assign FrexxEd: to the directory you've unpacked.

  (And read the large amount of provided documentation, most of which is
  still up to date)

 * Minor bug fixes
 * Unstripped, actually working binary..


  Original versions (up to 2.1): Daniel Stenberg and Kjell Ericson

  Updated by Vidar Hokstad <vidar()>

  The original authors have no further involvement with this
  version other than graciously releasing FrexxEd as open source.
  If you have questions or bug reports, please report them to
  Vidar Hokstad, not the original authors.


  FrexxEd is probably the most configurable/programmable text editor
  made for the Amiga.

  The main mission with FrexxEd has been to create an editor which is
  capable of doing whatever *YOU* want it to. To enable *very* much
  reprogramming/configuration for those who feel the need.

  Some of FrexxEd's features are:

  o Any amount of windows or screens (on any public screen)
  o Context-sensitive colouring/styling of text.
  o Any amount of views available in all windows.
  o Ability to edit the same file in all windows and views, or in none
    is selected.
  o 100% recursive undo, changeable undobuffer size and on/off toggle
  o unlimited number of buffers/blocks/macros in memory
  o unlimited line lengths and buffer sizes
  o 100% programmable, everything can be done by a script instead of
  o *very* C-like programming language (FPL)
  o FPL compiler included, greatly enhances the script execution speed
  o clipboard support, export to/import from any unit
  o V39 aware, uses V39 functions when available
  o file name extension aware icon usage
  o easy macro record/edit/view/play/save/load
  o customizeable look of any ASCII character (to i.e enable the inverse
    CED-look or the \xxx Emacs-look or...)
  o programmable keyassigns, make any key do anything
  o programmable mouseactions, make any mouse action perform whatever
    you want it to
  o rectangular/column style block marks and block pastes
  o programmable menustrip, make it contain whatever you please!
  o supports XPK and PowerPacker compression/decompression and
  o >600K documentation in amigaguide format
  o ARexx port, capable of reading and writing ARexx variables!
  o A *LOT* of additional scripts that perform a multitude of different
    things. From mousedragging-style blockmarking, archive-flag removal
    when saving, center line, binary editor, snake game, incremental
    search, interactive C indenting and word wrap to generic assembler
    filters, bookmarks, backup, autosave and programs that easy
    interfaces RCS...
  o binary loading/editing/saving and true TABs
  o font sensitive GUI
  o ability to replace/change the workings of any internal function
    through an advanced hooking procedure
  o mailing list and other eletronic mail support


  AmigaOS v2.04+ or later
  Anything below 1MB ram wouldn't be useful
  Hard disk is preferred (less than 1 MB is used)


  NOTE: Current Aminet binaries are versions 2.0 and 2.1 which
  were built by the original authors. This archive is modified
  significantly from the versions available on Aminet. New binaries
  will not be uploaded to Aminet until it's been tested.


  Open Source. See LEGAL

  Copyright (C) 1998, Daniel Stenberg and Kjell Ericson
  Some parts, copyright (C) 2010 Vidar Hokstad

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